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Celebrating the hundreds of people who 
transformed their lives with the help of Center for Wellness

"I came to Dr. Julie because I hadn't had a period in over 5 years. After several years of visiting doctor after doctor, getting hundreds of blood tests taken, taking multiple prescription drugs including birth control pills and going through multiple rapid weight changes, God answered our prayers and brought me to Dr. Julie. I am a college student home for the summer so we were in a bit of a time crunch having only 10 weeks before I had to leave and go back to school. She fit me into her schedule and gave me her personal cell number to support me. Immediately, she diagnosed me with parasites. On a super clean diet and with a few natural supplements I was able to get rid of them in just a few weeks. After about 2 months of visiting Dr. Julie I got a period!! Dr. Julie is a miracle worker and I can not thank her enough for everything she has done for me this summer."

● Delaney R.

"For over half a century I have been a tooth clincher/ teeth grinder when I slept ... after one hour session with Julie adjusting my mouth with her techniques ... I haven't had this condition since. I even feel this treatment has also helped better my hearing. Thank you Julie."

● Krystie G.

“It has been less than a year that I have been seeing Julie and I would have never guessed how much I would need her expertise. I had been going through some hormonal changes and feeling sad for no reason ...
I was immediately impressed with Julie, she really listens to what it is you are going through and how you feel. In a short period of time I was back to myself and feeling happy. I was also feeling better physically because my diet had changed and I was taking supplements that my body needed and I believe that this all ties into feeling better emotionally too.

Thank you Julie! You are a blessing to me, my sister and so many others. Smiles and Hugs!"

● Brenda M.

“Julie Miller or should I say,  Julie or Nurse Julie!
The title doesn't matter... Because this Woman has
done wonders for the body of mine...
She has educated,
she has monitored me,
she has Lovingly pushed me to do the right things for myself and most of all....
Julie has cared for me as person, not a number or just another patient!!!
You will learn what your body needs and what the body will do when we do certain things that Toxic our bodies.
Basically what it all comes down to is... OUR life styles, TODAY!
Julie, will do the same with you, as I am so Blessed of what she has done with me.

And you must be SICK, if you don't get yourself into see her and her staff. General Doctors will freak out because down the road, they won't have any more patients to band aid and pill up any more. And you'll be living an AWESOME Health Lifestyle, like I am living right now!
See you in her office... and we can share all of our stories together!
Oh, by the way my name is David Earp, and I approve of this testimony!."

● David E.

“Since I have come it's been a life changing experience mentally,emotionally and physically .no matter what cancer markers or numbers say or a date a doctor gives me to die I made a life style change continuing to focus how I eat, breathe, live and value my life . I have been taking the right steps to heal my symptoms of Cancer as Julie shows me to the root of my dis-ease . She educates and guides me as I commit to do the work to heal the root of my dis-ease. Its December 2011 I am married and in school pursuing dreams for my future."

● Manny F.

“I cannot express how much Julie Miller was instrumental in my cancer turnaround. I was diagnosed in June 2010 with Stage IV colon cancer, with a bleak outlook. I embarked on the traditional Western medicine protocol, primarily chemotherapy. However, after carefully researching other potential cancer remedies, I learned that there was a lot of buzz about Eastern medicine and its proven effects on cancer.

 I was referred to Julie Miller through friends at Saddleback Church. Her bubbly personality and positive nature was exactly what I needed. She put me through a series of tests, and determined that various systems and organs in my body were in weakened state, such that it wasn’t able to effectively battle the cancer on its own. She put me on a nutritional protocol, tailored specifically for me and my body condition, to include specialized whole food supplements and herbs. She also performed a unique procedure called Cranial Sacral Therapy. In my first week, I felt amazing – energy up, mind alert, attitude positive. Within week, it was clear that my body was recuperating, getting into a healthy state and building up its own immune system.

Five months after my diagnosis, and three months after having worked with Julie Miller, my scans came back, showing no evidence of cancer. Surgery of the tumor area confirmed that there were no visible signs of cancer remaining. Huge turnaround in just five months!  There is no question in my mind that Julie’s regimen, as well as her positive attitude and energy, had a direct impact on my prognosis. I owe Julie my life. Whether it is cancer, other ailments, or just simply desiring to make your body as health as possible, I would highly recommend Julie to anyone.”

● Eric W.

“It took 3 different friends to convince me that I had to see Julie Miller. After she put me on the first round of supplements my Hot Flashes disappeared. Over the next 3 months I was completing sentences and stories and not losing my train of thought anymore! I no longer feel like I'm getting OLD and experiencing Early Onset Alzheimer's! My system is back in line and the weight is coming off and I haven’t started exercising yet! What a blessing Miller's knowledge has been.

            Weight -- Going.      Hot flashes -- Gone.      Foggy Brain -- Gone.      Energy Level -- BACK!      This is in only 3 months!"

● Sandra M.

 "Since making Julie our family RN and Naturopathic Practitioner in June of 2007, our 9-year-old son has noticeably improved his ability to concentrate in school, to manage his emotions, and to go to sleep at night. His teacher just told us he is an example for every child in class to follow!
We're so grateful for Julie!"

● Arron M.

"If you want to live life with both feet on the ground and have a strong sense of yourself, I highly recommend Julie Miller. She will help you regain balance in your life using Naturopathic methods along with extremely healthy nutritional guidance. From our life experiences, all of us carry around unhealthy emotions, which cause us to repeat negative patterns. Julie helped me to get "out of the tornado" and begin looking at life from a different perspective: one that puts me in the driver's seat. You will develop a newfound sense of confidence and stop fear and guilt from influencing your behavior. Her expertise will help anyone whether they are going through a difficult time in their life or are experiencing life's abundance. She is a truly gifted person and you will feel it the moment you meet her!"

● Robert W.

"I came to Julie about 3 years ago from the encouragement of my oldest daughter. She told me she had found her miracle! After at least 10 years of improper diagnosis from dozens of different specialists, she was finally having her breakthrough with Julie! As a mom, watching this healing & transformation was an unbelievable sight! She suffered with hormonal imbalance, depression, fatigue, diabetes type two, polycystic ovarian disease, weight gain, insomnia, to name a few, at the age of 30. She was on her last leg for any hope. Julie took the challenge on with great determination, love and compassion. They forged through together and for the first time ever, my daughter knew what it was supposed to feel like to be healthy & well. I had gone through a horrific divorce and had all kinds of aches & pains of my own. I came to find my own miracle. Julie educated me about the toxins that we eat & drink (coffee) and the emotional & relational ones that we allow in our mind and space. I have learned a whole new way of taking care of myself and not feeling guilty about it. With the education of supplementation, proper nutrition and constant encouragement that she so freely gives, there is no turning back for me! She has helped me to see the big picture. Julie is gifted from God. She is completely open to be used by Him with her healing touch & wisdom. I have a huge respect for her ambitious, yet loving spirit that desires to help those in need. She is a nurturer. She is a gem of a friend. She loves & cherishes her beautiful family. She is a tower of unbeatable strength for all the many roads of life experiences she has gone through, herself. I am so blessed to be able to call upon her at any time and trust that she will have a listening ear & heart."

● Charlotte S.

 “Thank you for your presence in my life and the healing you are bringing.  I appreciate how you can share with me and how you can allow me to open up with you and confide and explore with you.  I can’t imagine working with anyone else this way.  I appreciate that we can have both a professional and yet a personal relationship at the same time.  I appreciate you, your abilities as a health practitioner, and more importantly the friendship and confidences you share.  Thank you for your presence in my life.”

● Tracey R.

"I first went to Julie for headaches. My headaches lasted from the moment I awakened until I went to sleep. Sometimes during the day they were so bad I could barely focus. I had been to my regular for about 7 months and they told me they didn’t know what was going on. Every couple of weeks I got new prescriptions to cover up the pain. Finally one of my co-workers told me about Miller and her own personal results. I called on my lunch break and Miller gave me a consultation FREE over the phone. I went to see her two weeks later. I was hooked as my headaches disappeared within two weeks. It has been months now and the headaches haven’t returned. Plus, I feel AMAZING. I sleep better and I have energy during the day, being more alert all day long! More recently, I injured my right ankle. It was very swollen and painful… I called Julie when the pain began to radiate up my right leg. She advised me to go and get an x-ray to make sure my ankle wasn’t broken. I went to my primary to obtain an x-ray and returned to Miller because it wasn’t broken. She proceeded to work Cranial Sacral Therapy on my leg and muscle tested me for some supplements that my body needed to bring down the inflammation that I was experiencing. Within 2 days the inflammation was gone and I actually had an ankle again! I was able to put pressure on my ankle. Miller gave me her personal cell phone number to check in with her every day. I did and after one week the crutches that the primary gave me were no longer needed at all. I am actually back at work fulltime and that’s two weeks after this happened. This is real healing as Julie does not cover up the pain she works with it and helps you through it. Not only does one feel better holistically, throughout the entire body, the best part is Miller makes you feel like family. Everyone is greeted with a HUG and a SMILE."

● Vicky S.

"This woman has done wonders for the body of mine. She has educated, she has monitored me, she has lovingly pushed me to do the right things for myself, and most of all Julie has cared for me as person, not a number or just another patient! You will learn what your body needs and what the body will do when we do certain things that toxify our bodies. Basically, what it all comes down to is our life styles, today! Julie will do the same with you, as I am so blessed for what she has done with me. And you must be sick if you don’t get yourself in to see her and her staff. General doctors will freak out because down the road, they won’t have any more patients to Band-Aid and pill up any more. And you'll be living an awesome healthy lifestyle, like I am living right now! See you in her office... and we can share our stories!"

● David E.

"I started going to Julie Miller last year when I was 39 years old. My main complaint was lack of energy. I struggled to clean my house and I would sit in the car when running errands with my husband. I was only 10-15 pounds overweight, so that wasn't the reason. I felt old and didn't like it. Julie helped me to feel normal again. Then, at age 40, I became Peri-Menopausal. I started losing a small amount of hair. I became irritable and the hot flashes were very uncomfortable. They would reoccur throughout the day and increase during the night. I was miserable. It is such a relief to be free of them! During this time, we also worked on the emotional and spiritual. I was struggling with how I related to other people. I learned how to let other people's negativity be their problem and not mine, to not take things personally. If someone else is a negative person, I don't have to join them. I realize now more than ever that if I focus on blessing the lives of the people around me, they become like a flower in my garden that I am fertilizing. Oh, how beautiful, the garden!"

● Ebony J.

 "We are privileged to know and work with Julie Miller. She has been a huge blessing in our lives. She guided me through my pregnancy and postpartum with nutritional counseling and cranial work. She coached me to prepare for natural childbirth and helped me to achieve a wonderful drug free delivery. She also works with our 8-year-old special-needs daughter. With her gentle "magical" touch Cali has relaxed and trusted her healing process. Julie continues to build on her practice offering her patients new innovative ways to heal. She is an important part of our team of professionals that work with Cali to improve her balance and development."

● Cristyn S.

"I started seeing Julie after the birth of my second child. I had several health complaints that were not be addressed by my current physician. Miller took the time to listen to me and was willing to work with my busy schedule to find a nutritional program that would work for me. I experienced immediate results. I have more energy and am able to keep up with my children and busy lifestyle. I have been a patient for over a year and am still impressed with the attention to total care that I am given."

● Madeline E.

"Julie Miller has helped me tremendously in attaining my optimum health. Her extensive background in nursing and her naturopathic training compliment her hands on approach and ongoing concern with her patients. Julie's extensive training and knowledge have helped me in dealing with my auto-immune disease on both a physical and emotional level. I just cannot say enough good things about her."

● Kyle B.

"I came to see Julie at the suggestion of my mother, who raved about the many ways Julie was helping her. At the time of my first visit, I was lost, confused, and suffering emotionally, but I was ready for help, ready to change, and ready to heal. I didn’t know what to expect at first, so I initially went just to see what Cranial Sacral Therapy was all about. From that first visit on, Julie held and guided me through the emotional journey and release that I have been working through. From the beginning I have felt safe with Julie, able to share my thoughts and feelings, and I love that she shares who she is and what her experiences have been as well. In the last 6 months I have changed. I found my spiritual center; I am healing old traumas, have greatly improved my physical health, and am making progress in my career endeavors. Julie continues to work with my mother and sister as well and we are all healing individually and as a family. I’ve told Julie before that she is the one person that takes care of me, and I am deeply grateful to her for that and the many ways that she has guided me on my path!!!
With Love and Gratitude,"

● Sarah B.

"I was experiencing some problems getting pregnant after trying for close to a year, but I didn't want to pursue any of the modern infertility treatments. I was hoping there was something natural I could do to prepare my body for pregnancy. I visited my OB/GYN several times for a consultation, but I was frustrated because I felt like it was a waste of time. She told me to “keep trying”, and if I wanted she could put me on fertility drugs. If those didn't work then I could move on to artificial insemination or invitro-fertilization. I personally was not interested in trying these methods because of drug side effects, increased risk of multiples, and huge medical costs that aren't covered by insurance. My first visit with Julie was September 7, 2005. After talking with me and testing me, she worked with me to change my diet, and get rid of foods that I was allergic to. In addition she provided me with supplements to balance out my system. I also received regular sessions of Cranial Sacral Therapy. I am happy to say that it worked, and my husband and I got pregnant 2 weeks later. We are expecting our first baby boy in two weeks! I am just so happy that God led us to such an awesome woman who has used her gifts to bring us our new little blessing. I am also excited that I have been able to continue to receive treatments, and take quality supplements that are working to make me and my baby healthy. I really have no words to say how much this means to me!"

● Allyson W.

"I have been going to Julie for 6 months. I have had a complete turnaround in my health, energy, & wellbeing! From not being able to get out of bed in the morning and dreading the day, to waking up without an alarm at 5:30 am with anticipation and enthusiasm for the new day. I trust Julie completely and have no hesitation recommending her for my children, family, friends, and now parents. The office environment is very warm, friendly, & nurturing."

● Kathy D.

"I can honestly say that Julie Miller changed my entire outlook on what it means to live a healthy life. I had struggled with acid reflux for years and stopped all the classic foods people tell you to avoid. When I walked into her office three years ago, I thought I had a good diet. Yet, she opened my eyes to all the processed foods I was putting into my body and introduced me to a new way of eating. Julie also used the biomeridian machine and cranial sacral therapy to help pinpoint my trouble areas and clear my mind. Not only did my acid reflux stop, but I felt all around healthier. At the time I was also struggling with infertility. Through working with Julie, I was able to regulate my hormones and stay positive. It was not a quick fix, but I eventually became pregnant after working with her for a little over a year. Most doctors are about a "quick fix" and really never listen to you and your concerns. Every visit with Julie is at least an hour, where she evaluates and considers your entire body's health. Best of all, she is like family to me. She was the first non-relative to visit my son when he was born, will answer my text message questions anytime and genuinely cares about me and my family."

● Linda M.

I started going to Julie Miller over two years ago, at first to do a Cleanse and understand more about how to be more healthy and not need to take over the counter drugs like Prilosec. All of this was accomplished better than I could have expected, but a few months into seeing her, I threw my back out the day before one of our scheduled appointments. I painfully went in to see her the next day for my scheduled appointment, I could barely walk or stand because of the pain coming from my lower back and down my legs. I had herniated a disc and after having gone through lower back surgery years before and having had ongoing lower back issues, I didn’t want to go through another surgery. Julie immediately started on a Cranial Sacrum Therapy protocol with me and I began to feel better and we continued on this therapy until I was back to normal and fully active again. I would highly recommend Julie for overall health and wellness as this is what she does, not one singular function but general health and wellness through diet, exercise, naturopathic, cranial sacrum therapy, etc.

● Scott P.

Dr. Miller has been a Godsend! I have been seeing Dr. Miller for the past 4 months and she was able to get to the root of my physical ailments unlike my other doctors.For the past six years I have been suffering from daily migraines, and hormonal imbalances that caused panic attacks up to the point where it affected my work as a school teacher. By following her program, I have been completely healed from migraines. I have not had any migraines for the past 4 months, which is a miracle! My hormones are starting to stabilize with the natural supplements that she has recommended and there are no terrible side effects. She completely changed my perspective about food and helped me to change my diet. Even though this was difficult, it was totally worth it! I have lost 12 pounds by eating clean. I can now say that “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!” Dr. Miller is a gem and she is a truly gifted doctorwho takes the time to really listen to you.

● Estela Guzman

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