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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Traditional Naturopath?

A traditional naturopath has earned a Doctoral degree in naturopathy*, which takes 3 to 5 years to obtain. A traditional naturopath is a descendant of the original naturopaths, and is a non-invasive practitioner who does not diagnose, prescribe, treat or cure diseases.

How is it different from "conventional" treatments and approaches to health?

Traditional naturopathy is different from Allopathic and conventional approaches to health in that a naturopath educates, empowers, and enlightens the patient. Traditional naturopathy is focused on total wellbeing, not just masking symptoms and issues. Traditional naturopaths like Julie Miller are invested in helping you cleanse your body and spirit as you begin your journey to better health inside and out.

I've tried everything and I'm still sick, Can you help me?

Yes, I can help you. As a naturopath, I can educate and empower you with knowledge that will help you to gain control over your illness and change it to wellness. By Blending both Eastern and Western approaches to health, I treat you as an entire person, not just a set of symptoms. I believe getting to the root of problems, not masking their surface results. With that in mind, together we will form a specialized approach that will leave you feeling lighter and enlightened. 

I have a special needs child. What can Naturopathic Center for Wellness do?

Special Needs children are precious at Naturopathic Center for Wellness. We will perform a complete assessment for your child, which includes understanding the child's nutritional intake, emotional challenges, physical challenges, and spiritual awareness. Then we'll incorporate Cranial Sacral Therapy, and assess any foods sensitivities. We will work as slowly as your child requires, earning his or her trust and yours. We believe that every human being has the capability to achieve amazing things, and your child will benefit from our care. 

I've been unsuccessful in my attempts to conceive. How can you help

This is the area where we had great success. You'll come to our center and receive a complete physical assessment and find out the "root cause" of your conception issues (and there is a root cause!). We'll then move forward in a non-invasive holistic course of care. We helped 13 couples conceive their beautiful children, and we believe you can benefit from our guidance. 

Is a naturopathic approach to health safe for children? At what age can they begin?

Yes, a naturopathic approach to healthcare is safe for children of all ages. We can even begin on focusing on your child's health during pregnancy. 

I have heard that some side effects can occur when taking a holistic approach, such as rashes, loose stool, or a feeling of being sick. Is this true?

When the body is full of free radicals and toxins and you choose to get control of your health, those symptoms are a sign of the toxins/free radicals are being removed from the body as it attempts to rebuild new cells to fight off any new external obstacles. There maybe initial side effects of detoxification (detox)... But those side effects aren't unique to our holistic approach and are often found with any detox regiment. Detox side effects are not long lasting and subside when your body is cleared of offending chemical, metal, bacterial, fungal, parasitic, and viral invasions. 

What can I expect to experience during detoxification (detox)?

One can expect to feel nauseated, dizzy, and you may experience headaches depending ion the amount of free radicals and toxin that have been held in your tissue. Once the initial detox is over, your body will find its natural balance and you'll feel better than ever.

Is there a naturopathic alternative for cancer treatments such as chemo therapy and radiation?

Besides the conventional cancer treatments, we at the Naturopathic Center for Wellness believe in a tiered approach to helping your body. First is feeding your body thee organic nutrition it needs to strengthen itself. Secondly, we support your body with organic whole foods supplements and herbs. Thirdly, we utilizes Cranial Sacral therapy and Somato-Emotional Response therapy.